• Our Human resource Policies and Principles
Al-Takamul Group seeks industry-leading talent to join its dynamic team. The Group’s HR policies are designed with the benefit of the employee in mind for the learning curve, breadth of exposure, and performance standards that Al-Takamul prides itself with are world-class. While the Group encourages its employees to ‘think outside the box’ in their pursuit for corporate success; employees are held to the most stringent of performance, ethical, and moral standards.

• Employee Motivation
We seek to proactively create a work ENVIRONMENT where employees are motivated and constantly engaged. And we value the active involvement of our employees in processes that seek to improve productivity. We encourage the constant exchange of feedback between employees and MANAGERS and among departments and business units.

• Investing in OurHuman Resources
Al-Takamul Group is strongly committed to nurturing the various talents of its employees. The Group places utmost importance in creating a work environment that promotes continuous learning and development, as well as in maintaining a professional, courteous yet family-like work environment. Consistent with our “promote-from-within policy”, we identify high potential employees and provide them with opportunities for professional and career growth across the Group’s spectrum. To address individual development needs, employees can avail of various training programs, delivered either internally or externally.

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