About Us

Al Takamul Group international company is one of leading originations in Saudi Arabia; it represents large investment projects inside and outside the Kingdom. The group also contributes to its corporate governance through the management and employee. Moreover, contributions are applied in the financial and Information Technology departments, as well as contribute to policy improvement also to be charged in regulations to insure its progress.

The Group to become a dominant player in the regional agricultural, agri-trade, and foodstuffs industries; to focus on maintaining the product quality and diversity that our customers have grown to expect from us, as well to provide a competitive business environment for our staff Further. The Group intends to generously contribute to the development and prosperity of the societies in which we operate through our Kingdom-wide geographic footprint.

Al-Takamul International Group’s guide principles derived from Islamic Sharia and the Prophet’s (PBUH) Sunnah. These guiding principles govern everything from the quality of our products to the diligence with. Which the Group conducts its day-to-day operations. In the process, the Group is always cognizant of its role in society and of the importance of ‘giving back’ to those less fortunate.

The Group seeks to implement industry-leading, world-class methods to realize our vision. Further, the Group has an operational goal to play a pivotal role in the rise and development of the Kingdom’s organic farming industry, in fulfilling the Kingdom’s poultry needs, in implementing water-saving farming methods, and in leading the water conservation effort whilst significantly improving crop yield.

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